So, apparently, I have an exciting life now.
Language nerd!
I'm in a fraternity that's cool, awesome, and an all-around great place to make friends, and network, and all that great stuff. I just joined the Linguistic Society at my school, and it's really great to be around other linguistic nerds, and make friends in that major, and learn about all the different shiny opportunities that my classes and my language course, and I'm super happy about it! I'm getting back into the acting club here, so I can actually get on the stage every once and again and do the thing that I really love to do. I have a boyfriend that loves me very much, and who I also love very much. At any day of the week, I can go and spend the entire day with a genuinely amazing person, who I care for deeply. 

For some reason, all of this hit me at once walking back to my dorm from class, and it was really surreal. Since when did this become my life? Since when was I so /awesome/? Why did no one inform me? This is crazy! But It's a good kind of crazy, and I am really, really enjoying it. 

This would happen to me.
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Surprise, surprise
It's really hard to get excited about my boyfriend going off and becoming a Marine. I know he's been dreaming of this since he's been ten years old, and he absolutely does not need me being a downer about all of it, but how can I possibly be happy about this? I don't want him to leave me! Every time I think about it, I have to stop myself from sobbing. 

But oh well. It's the choice I made when I agreed to go out with him. And it won't be happening for at least a year, so. I should stop mourning his eventual departure, and enjoy my time with him now. 

No one cares anymore, but I still feel a need to write down my Life in my Words.
Onion domes
I'm not dead! Very much not dead, actually, in that I am alive and kicking, and enjoying that kicking life very much so. Here is a brief summary of what is going down. 

I'm back at school in Atlanta, and everything is fantastic! Linguistics is continually blowing my mind as being Very Challenging, but the most fun I've ever had doing schoolwork. I consider that as a very good sign that I chose the right thing to study for the next couple of years. Russian is also very, very fun, not challenging as much (even though that alphabet has been a bitch and a half for me. And why do we have to learn to write it in cursive? WHY?) but I very much love that class. Astro and gov't are fulfilling their duties as the classes that are tedious, but I don't hate them. I am super lucky to have no classes that I absolutely dread going to. School is going to be fun this semester, and I am very happy about it. 

The social situation has been good, too! I made a new friend in Linguistics who looks like will be joining the ranks of People I talk to on a daily basis, and it's very exciting! I have a couple of people in each class that I can talk to if I want, and it's pretty groovy. The making friends thing has gotten a whole lot easier for me this year, and I am not sure why. I'm really enjoying it, though! And even though things were, are, and will continue to be a bit tense in my close group of friends, It's nothing I can't handle. 

Boyfriend! Boyfriend is best boyfriend, and he continues to be adorable, and amazing, and the best thing to happen to me in a while! I like our relationship a whole bunch, as unconventional as it is, and I really do hope this lasts a while. I am already far too emotionally attached to this guy to have it all just go away. He is not yet alarmed by my Crazy, or my Clingy, or my Vain Bitch-y. These are all good signs, and I hope that he continues to be nice, sweet, caring, and just. Just. He's the best. I will never get over how best he is. 

Over all, I'm happy! I'm really, honestly happy, and if it weren't for the No Job and No Direction stuff that continues to loom over my head like so many dark clouds, I would be perfectly content staying here forever. And I have an audition coming up! It would be so, so rad to act again! Keep your fingers crossed for me, guys!

Okay Fuck It.
Sparkly France
 I have a boyfriend and am allowed to be excited about him now. I don't know why I thought not telling anyone would curb my excitement, because it totally didn't, it just made me feel like a jerk for not telling my friends about my new boyfriend. This is just a baby step, though, I'm not going to post tons of cutesy hearts on FaBo or anything. 

But yes! Boyfriend! His name is RJ, and he is cute, and he is not going anywhere as far as I know. He is very nice to me, and has a lot in common with me, and we have all the best conversations, and I am preparing myself to be sickeningly cute with him, because Damn it, I deserve that much. He has also robbed me of my ability to write in cohesive sentences, and look how many fucks I'm giving about it! NONE!

He's also going into the Marines at some point in the future, exact date unknown, and has a two year old son! and this is the point where I stop bragging, and go to my corner and weep, because my heart will absolutely break when he leaves, I already know. But I'll deal with that when I get there, and for now I'm just going to enjoy myself. This guy is awesome, and I am very, very lucky to have him be interested in me. 

Hello, hello, hello again.
All shall love me...
so there's boy news. But I'm not going to tell it. In an effort to curb my tendency to get swept up in the excitement of a new boy, and start feeling things I shouldn't be feeling, I'm going to withhold information from everybody except for the ones I have already told. We will start dating when I get back to Atlanta, and we shall see where this goes. 

In other news, Summer is almost over, and I couldn't be happier. School means friends, and freedom, and losing weight. It means Linguistics and Russian, and I really can't wait.

Lots of things have happened. I don't like friend drama. I wish everybody I liked all liked each other and that would be the end of it. Sadly this is not the case. We shall also have to see where this goes.  
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Content sleepy cute todd
 I originally wasn't going to do this post. i didn't want to seem like I was bragging, telling of my adventures here in Florida, but I experienced just as much joy and magic in Disney's Hollywood Studios as I did in Harry Potter Land, and I want to record this as well. Continue on for another wall of text full of delight.

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Practical Magic
 I'm trying to do this early so all the stuff that I did will be fresh in my mind. It does not help that I am bone tired. There will be Harry Potter Land spoilers, and the pictures will be another post because I can't deal with that nonsense right now. 


Practical Magic
 I refuse to call it anything but Harry Potter Land, you all can judge me however you want. I'm going tomorrow, and then frolicking about Florida for about a week with my mother, two little siblings, grandmother, and step father. I plan on having fun and being derpy with my little brother and sister. And taking lots of pictures. 

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So I keep stuff...
 ...Not in a crazy, hoarder way, but like. Stuff is important, right? It reminds you of things. 

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I think the word "stuff" has just lost meaning because of how much I over used it, but oh well. 


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